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Hi there,

Thank you for giving me the greatest gift of 2019 - your attention.

I started The Joe Money Podcast in August, 2018 without any real belief that it would become what it currently is today.

I'm now creating content for one of the most notable business accounts on all of Instagram, with a massive audience full of motivated entrepreneurs who are all hungry for more innovative content. 

What started out as something that I thought would just be another "phase" of mine, has now generated an enormous amount of side income for me in just 6 months, and has potential to become a full time income source for me in the next few years.

I've always known that there's been money to be made on Instagram, but I didn't know how to actually make it happen.

I saw other fitness accounts, influencers, and more, monetizing their followings, and I knew that was something I wanted a taste of as well. 

My problem was that I didn't know where to start. I didn't know what niche to choose, or how to even grow an Instagram account.

As a graduate of St. Bonaventure University Class of 2016, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, I knew I wanted to focus on business, money, investing, and personal finance. 

I've always enjoyed creating infographics for class projects since they became popular, and going way back, I always had an artistic touch.

This led me to creating the infographics that you now see posted daily on my Instagram account.

I was able to combine my passion for business with my artistic ability, and guided the entire ship with my business background & entrepreneurial mindset. That's what has made the difference for me and allowed me to turn this "hobby" into a highly profitable side-hustle.

In addition to all of that, I feel that it's a responsibility of mine to credit Gary Vaynerchuk for the shift in mindset that I underwent in the years leading up to the start of this life-changing journey. 

Prior to the launch of this business I would watch Gary's daily videos for business knowledge, tips, and motivation. In addition to the business side of things, he did a lot to shift my entire mindset on how I view a lot of things in life, and I'm sure that without the content that he puts out daily, I wouldn't currently be where I am today as a businessman.

I think it's crucial for everyone to find an online mentor these days who can help them shift their mindset to achieve their goals. There are so many people to choose from that you can listen to, so there's no reason for you not to find one.

A lot of people like Gary, but a lot of people can't stand him either. The same goes for Grant Cardone, Patrick Bet-David, Andy Frisella, and many more...

2019 is amazing because we all have the freedom of choice, and an abundance of options. You can choose who you want to listen to, and who you want to tune out. You can choose what you do after your 9-5 job that you hate. You can choose what you spend your weekends doing. At the end of the day, all of these choices shape the life that we're all living.

So with that, I'm now focusing on expanding my online business. Every single day after my 9-5 insurance sales job, I find time to get to the gym, and then I focus on my business or spend the night with my girlfriend.

There are some days that I need a break and I don't touch my business. Then there are some days that I work on my laptop from 7pm-2am and it's just simply not enough time to finish everything I wanted to finish. 

I think that is one of the most attractive features of entrepreneurship, or at least, running an online business, that many people are chasing. While at the start, most of the business is dependent on your direct efforts and time, as you progress and grow, there are ways to scale your business and transfer it into a state that is less dependent on your direct time commitment. 

More "hands off" or "passive" so to speak. 

That is passive income at it's finest. The majority of the work is done upfront, and then as the wheels start spinning, there are certain things you can do to become less involved if that is what you are chasing.

Again, it comes back down to choices and options. Some people don't ever want to take a day off, but some people need to take at least 2 days off each week and step away. Balance is important and it's important for you to find it if you want to achieve long term success.

I don't think that there is any special talent I have that has allowed me to achieve what I have so far with this venture, but I do know that I have made plenty of choices and sacrifices that the average person is not willing to take, which is what is holding back millions of people. 

I don't spend my weekends getting drunk anymore (I did in college) and being hungover, unmotivated, and lazy. 

I don't play Fortnite or watch Neflix from 7pm-midnight everyday when I get home from work.

I don't accept the annual beer-league softball invites from my friends because I don't want to waste an entire night each week doing that, all summer long, when I could be using that time to create a side hustle.

It all comes down to choices.

Once you become aware of the fact that the ball is in your court, and your court only, then you can begin your journey to success and stop making excuses.

Once you accept that everything is your fault - everything good that happens to you and everything bad that happens to you is a result of one of your choices, then things become a lot more clear and you're able to zero in on what matters. 

Of course, life happens sometimes, and that is unavoidable, but don't use that as an excuse. I'm talking about the decisions that I just mentioned, the decisions you make on a daily basis that dictate whether you will be successful or not.

I hope if you've read this far that you can takeaway something positive from my message here, or any piece of content that I've created in the past.

I hope that you will consider tuning into the podcast, tossing me a like on Instagram, or reading my future blog posts. 

I have big aspirations for my brand that I have created here, and I hope to be able to assist a lot of people on their journey towards success as well. 

I'm no guru, expert, or professional, I'm just someone who is putting in the work everyday, improving my craft, and constantly consuming more information that can add value and improve my life each day. 

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

-Joey Sewilo